January 4, 2016

Cool doggy! So does it always stay inside? The pic above is when we served free food at Christmas! I don’t have much time today cuz we have to head down to McAllen for a meeting. We had a great week! We got to watch Polar Express for New Year’s Eve. We watched it at President Solis’s house, the same place that we Skyped at.

I did an exchange with an elder named Elder Hawkins this week and we talked to a guy on the street who’s from Honduras. He was super funny and talked a ton. We hardly got to say anything cuz every time we started to talk he would cut us off and start blabbing on again about random stuff. It was super funny. But he said he wanted to come to church, and then he came yesterday! It was a cool miracle.

Last night we visited the Lavulavu family who are related to Sister Sorge and I did my ‘Craig vs. Wild’ impression for them and Elder Padron did his impression of Juan Vines. The girls know who that is. We were all cracking up!

So we’re heading down to McAllen today and I’m gunnu work with Elder Johnson tonight! I’m pumped! And tomorrow we will have a meeting and then get home probly around 8 ish on Tuesday. I love you mi familia! Oh Sister Hewett just texted me and said my package got there! Thanks a ton!