January 11, 2016

Hola familia! Glad to hear everyone’s doing great! I’ll be praying for ur trial Dad. U got this! I’m doing great! It’s been a crazy day. We got up at 5:10am to play soccer, then did studies til 10:30, then washed the truck and cleaned the house, then dropped clothes off at the dry cleaners, then worked on some paper work that we had to send to the mission office, now we’re emailing, and then we’re gunnu shop, eat at Dominos cuz I have a gift card, play capture the flag with the other missionaries, and then get to work at 6! There’s always so much to do it’s great!

It’s been a great week. We went to McAllen on Monday and I worked with Elder Johnson that night! Tuesday morning we got up at 5 to go to the gym, then we had a meeting from 8 to around 3. We reported the goal we had for the number of baptisms in our zone for the month of December and the amount that we actually had. President Maluenda talked to us about the importance of being examples for all the missionaries in our zone. He promised us that if we stay focused and do everything we can to hit our goals, the Lord will make it happen. I love President Maluenda a ton. I always learn so much from him. We got back to Laredo Tuesday night around 8. From Wednesday to Friday we did a zone exchange! We moved one missionary from each companionship to a different area. It was a fun change of pace and got everyone excited to go out and make miracles happen! We found a lot of awesome new investigators! I worked with Elder Watchorn in his area. He is a greenie and he’s a ton of fun. An investigator named Miguel came to church for his second time this week. We are working with him to get baptized this month!

And dad, I’m still doing my Fearless Mind every day! My objective is to be animado y caritativo (excited and charitable). I love you mis padres! I love you Mommy! ps ur pro missionaries!

Mama you should be friends with the Lavulavu family on Facebook! I don’t know their first names but they’re related to the Sorges so you can ask them. They are so awesome! I gotta go. I love you!