January 18, 2016

Yo familia it’s been a good week! We played football and rugby with the Lavulavu fam for Martin Luther King Day and we played soccer against the Laredo South Zone. Now we’re all super sore! Elder Padron is heading to McAllen on Friday and he will stay there until he goes home on Wednesday. He’s really excited and nervous and sad to go home. I can’t think of anything to talk about. The mission is great though!

That’s so weird to think that julie is 17! I haven’t seen Melissa since Christmas. She seemed like she was doing great when I saw her though! I got my Christmas package and set up the tree and we all had hot chocolate. Thanks a ton Mama! And I read ur conversion story! It is so awesome! Would it be ok with you if I share it with people? I think it could help people a lot. I love you Mama!

bren's miss martin luther king bowl

bren's miss facial hair zone meeting