February 1, 2016

How was ur birthday Dad? Are u using a walker yet? Yay Mama! Sorry I was already gone when u sent this last week. It sounds like ur week was awesome! Lots of crazy stuff going on! Ur a spiritual giant Mama. That’s so cool how much u and dad are doing to help TJ! So did she get baptized?

It’s been great week! I don’t have much time cuz I have to go to McAllen for a meeting! My new comp is Elder Jardin and he’s so dope! We had so much fun this week. So Monday night was the weirdest, craziest, longest night of my mission cuz the AP’s told us to get all the missionaries who were getting transferred to a city that’s an hour and a half away at 3:30. So we all got together at 1:30 in the morning and we sent the missionaries who were getting transferred to another church building in Laredo to meet up with everyone else that was getting transferred. I went home and went back to sleep and then I got a call from the missionaries saying no one was at the other church. So long story short the APs were talking about 3:30 PM not 3:30 AM. Woops! When I realized what happened I was laughing so hard! I was so confused cuz when the APs told me 3:30 I asked them if they were talking about 3:30 in the morning and they said yes so they must not have heard me or something! And transfers here are always super weird so meeting up at 3:30 in the morning really didn’t seem that out of the ordinary. Anyways everyone came back home, got a few hours of sleep and then left to their new areas the next day. I felt so dumb but it’s ok cuz it was hilarious. I love you mi familia!