February 16, 2016

Read ur email Mama! That workout place seems super cool! Way to go girl! What have you been up to this week?

This week was super crazy and awesome. We were in McAllen from Monday til Thursday night. We had meetings with President Maluenda every day from 8 til about 3. I learned so much! He taught us about the importance of using the Book of Mormon when we preach cuz it was specifically written for the “convincing” of these peope at this time. One thing I loved was he did a role play and taught a sister missionary the story in 3rd Nephi 11 and he described everything about the scene so well that we could all imagine that we were really there. But what really impacted me was that he did it with such sincerity and humility that the Spirit filled the room very powerfully. As he testified of the Savior we could truly feel his testimony, not just hear it. After he finished the story, he asked the sister missionary who she knows that is maybe going through a hard time that needs to hear the gospel right now. For the roleplay the sister missionary was playing herself just before her mission. She told President about two people that are very close to her that don’t have the gospel in their lives right now. She is from Utah and pretty much everyone she knows is Mormon, so it was amazing to see that the Spirit could bring people to her mind. It reminded me that everyone, literally everyone, knows someone that needs the gospel and is being prepared to accept it. So many members of the Church here say that they don’t know anyone, or that they’ve already tried sending the missionaries by all of their friends and nobody wants the gospel. They get discouraged about trying to do missionary work. But after seeing that roleplay that President did, Elder Jardine and I have done that exact same thing with 4 different families now, and every time we’ve done it the Spirit brought people to their minds who need us.

Our visit with Sister Cardenas last night was so interesting because after asking her who she knows that we could bless with the gospel, right away she said she hardly ever goes out so she doesn’t know anybody, which is what people usually say here. But after a few seconds she said ‘oh wait!’ and she told us about two different people that she knows that we should go teach. It was super cool to see the Spirit working in her! I realized also that the reason the Spirit has been bringing people to the members minds when we ask is because we are doing it with a sincere desire to find these people, not just because our leaders tell us to ask for referrals in every visit. I’ve been guilty many times of doing it for the second reason, and I’m so glad that I’m learning now to do good things for the right reasons. The gospel is true mi familia! The mission is so awesome, no experience could ever replace it. It’s the best education on Earth! I know that God is our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ is our Savior, and I understand that a lot more now than I did before my mission. I love you mi familia! Haha seee ya soon Zach I love you man!