February 22, 2016

Yesterday in Relief Society we shared part of the talk, “Living the Gospel Joyful” by Elder Uchtdorf. You should read it. It’s awesome! We shared the last section that talks about how much Heavenly Father loves his daughters. I told all the ladies how much I love my Mama, and a lot of them were crying. I love you Mama! I’m doin great! Staying nice and busy!

Howdy Peeps! It’s ur boy elder Eisenhut. Life is great here in Laredo, Texas. Lots of Spanglish, carne, and bigotes. This week has been super awesome! Last week on Monday we had a laser tag war! Some members of the Church gave us like 20 laser tag guns to use, it was pretty legit.

We saw tons of miracles this week. One of them was that the Assistants to the Mission President (AP’s) called us on Friday and told us that we had to get all 16 of our missionaries down to McAllen the next morning at 8:30. McAllen is 3 hours from Laredo, and we have a limited amount of miles that we get to use every month in our cars, so none of the cars had enough miles left to get to McAllen and back. So we went crazy calling people to beg them for rides and after a while 4 different people offered to take us all down. The 4 cars combined had the exact amount of seats we needed to get all of us down, so we were so grateful!

Another miracle was we found the Mendoza family. They are friends of the Solis family, who are members of the Church. We shared with them the story in 3rd Nephi 11 from the Book of Mormon when Jesus visits the people in America after His resurrection. He invites them all to come unto Him one by one and feel the prints of the nails in His hands and to know that He is their Savior. That’s my favorite story in the Book of Mormon because I love to imagine myself meeting the Savior and giving him a big hug! After we read the story the little 8 year old boy, Eddie, said “when you were reading that story I felt something weird!” he said he felt a happy, tingly sensation. We explained to him that that was the Holy Spirit, whose job is to testify of truth. Everyone in the family said they felt the Spirit and they are very excited to learn more!

Another miracle we saw was the other day we were riding our bikes and Elder Jardine felt very strongly like we should go talk to these people that were sitting outside their apartment. After introducing ourselves the man told us he’s a member of our Church but he hasn’t gone for a very long time. His girlfriend isn’t a member, and we had a really awesome lesson with them. During the lesson the man told us about how 20 years ago he joined the Church because he prayed and asked God if this is His true Church, and he felt very powerful feelings from the Holy Spirit that told him it was true. It was so cool to see that he still remembers those feelings that he had, even though he doesn’t go to Church now. Well people, God is real, Jesus Christ is our Savior, and life is awesome. Nuff said. I love you my peeps!