March 14, 2016

Hey Peeps! Lots of crazy things going on in Tmec! This week has been great! I survived through transfers. I’m staying in Laredo with Elder Jardine. And we got a new sister in our zone you might have heard of her, her name is SISTER STANFILL!!!! Heck ya! Sister Stanfill and I have been homies since 5th grade. I’m so pumped to be here with her! It’s so weird! And we serve in the same branch! She gave her first talk in Spanish this week and she did awesome. She’s basically Mexicana.

But anywho, Elder Jardine and I made a goal to talk to every possible person we could, and we saw some great miracles! On Thursday it was poring rain and we were on bikes so we were completely soaked all day it felt so good though! A random couple actually stopped and gave us a ride so that was awesome!

We talked to tons of different people who were really nice but none of them wanted to listen to the message we have. Near the end of the evening there was a guy standing out on his porch and I was exhausted so I almost ignored him but thank goodness Elder Jardine stopped me and we went and talked to him. His name is Luis and he’s a young guy with a wife and baby. He’s always believed in God but he doesn’t really know who He is, and he really wanted to find out. So we had an awesome talk with him and he’s really excited to learn more! That taught me that it’s pretty pointless to work super hard for a long time and then just give up at the end. If we’d just kept riding we would never have been able to help him!

Other news, I learned a new language this week. It’s called Japaspanglish. The Herrera family fed us dinner and the wife is from Japan and the husband is from Mexico so the whole time they were speaking a mix of English, Spanish and Japanese. It blew my mind haha! Dad if you and me combine our knowledge we can become Japaspanglish experts!

I love you peeps and I love the Lord and His work. The mission is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and I haven’t always loved it, but I’ve learned through this experience that attitude really is everything. In the times when I didn’t love my mission it was because I chose not to love it, and the reason I love my mission now is because I choose to love it every day! Choose happiness people!!

That’s so crazy that Devin Woodside is a member! I remember him from Great Oak. That’s legit!

Awkward missionary pics (Below). Girls are yucky!

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