March 28, 2016

Hey Peeps! It’s ur boy Elder Eisenhut. I hope y’all had a great Easter! We sure did, we ate a lot of meat and cake and then went to another house and ate a lot of meat and cake and then we died. Except we didn’t actually die. We just felt like we were going to because our stomachs were threatening to explode. I now understand what Holly must feel like carrying that baby around!

So earlier this week we had a very sad but cool experience. A man walked up to us on the street and asked us if we had any shoes he could use. He was really beat up, he was bleeding on his head and arms and chest and his socks were shredded up and he was limping. He told us that just a little while before he was in Mexico and some members of a powerful drug cartel kidnapped him and some of his extended family that he was with. They beat him until they thought he was dead and then threw him in the Rio Grande River, which divides the U.S. and Mexico. He somehow got enough strength to cross the river over to the U.S. side and soon after was when he ran into us. So we walked with him to the store to buy him some shoes and in the mean time I gave him my shoes. Tt was a 15-20 minute walk so we had time to talk to him and learn more about what happened and about his life story. He’s a really good, humble, hardworking man, and I was amazed because he was actually very positive even after all he had been through. We got him his shoes and talked a little bit more. He cried a little bit, thinking that his family members that he was with were probably all dead. We testified to him about God’s plan for us to be with our families after this life. He was very very grateful, and couldn’t thank us enough.

That experience humbled me a lot. I felt an overwhelming peace, and I remembered how much I think of myself and how many awesome blessings I have that I take for granted. I thought about all the times that I’ve just gone through the motions as a missionary, not really focusing on how to bless the lives of everyone around me. Through that experience God reminded me that I’m here in Texas to do exactly what Jesus Christ himself would do if He were here personally. It changed my attitude and my outlook on missionary work and life in general, and I will always be so grateful for that! Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are awesome!

I love you dad! Natalia Vichareli set her own goal to be baptized on april 24th! It was a huge miracle! Thanks for the prayers. I know that helped a ton. We have been struggling to make contact with the other families but we are going to try by again tonight. I love you Mama!