April 4, 2016

Salutations humans! We had an awesome week! Elder Jardine and I made a legit rap for our zone we’ll have to record it and get rich.

One awesome miracle was that I was super hungry so I prayed to find some food and right after I prayed a lady waved us down and gave us some money to go get food! She is a member of the church but she hasn’t come in years, and when I told her that I had just been praying for food right before she came she was shocked! She called us the next day and told us that when I told her that, she felt a great feeling and she invited us over for dinner and asked us to bless her twin baby girls. We had dinner at her parents house, who are active members of the church. They bore testimony to her that her Heavenly Father loves her and that He is waiting for her to come back, all she has to do is reach out to Him. She cried as we blessed the babies, and she was very grateful that we came. It was so crazy to see how Heavenly Father made us cross paths right when we needed her and she needed us! So awesome!

We also had some really good meetings this week. We had a meeting with President Maluenda in McAllen on Thursday and then on Friday we had a meeting with all the missionaries in North Laredo. We had their parents send us voicemails talking about the blessings they have received as their child has been out serving a mission. Everyone felt the Holy Spirit very strong and there were a lot of tears. All the missionaries shared their thoughts and feelings after and they were all reminded of why they came out here on a mission in the first place and they were pumped to go serve everyone they can!

Thanks for ur voicemail Mama and Dada! I love you! Elder Holland’s talk was my favorite. It was a good “we got this” talk. We haven’t had contact with that man (that got thrown in the Rio Grande) but we will call him and see if we can find him again. I love you Pops!

I love you Mommy thanks for ur awesome voicemail! Thanks for the Easter gift! I got a bunny, book, grass, Toblerone, and chocolate eggs. Thanks Mama! I’m out of time but I’ve been doing really good. I’m hugging you in my mind!