April 11, 2016

Howdy from South Texas! It’s been a great week. Yesterday Elder Herrin and I got to go to Zapata to baptize a guy named Paul, who we taught when we were there 5 months ago. After I left Zapata Paul’s wife and son got baptized, so he was the last one. Now the whole family is on the path! Woohoo! It was a super funny baptism cuz this guy is HUUUGE. Like MUY grande. I’d say he’s a good 450 pounds. He’s a big boy. We walked far into the lake so the water was up to our belly buttons so that we didn’t have to tip him back very far. We each took a side of him and did a heroic mega-lunge and somehow got him down and back up with no problems. We felt like champions after that.

Also a cool miracle we saw this week was we were looking at a list of less active members of the Church and Elder Jardine felt really strongly that we needed to visit a certain person who was on the list. So we went there and that person wasn’t home, but their dad was there and didn’t have time to talk but he told us his neighbor could probly use a visit. So we went to the neighbor and her name is Natalie and she’s been receiving a lot of signs from God lately that its time to straighten out her life and follow Him, so she just poured out her heart to us and told us about her struggles and doubts and fears about God. She even told us that she feels unworthy to go to Church because she struggles with same-gender attraction. We helped her understand that we are all tempted in different ways, like some people feel tempted to drink alcohol and do drugs and others are tempted to get angry and be rude to people. Feeling tempted is not a sin, but acting on those temptations is a sin. We taught her about the atonement and testified to her that Jesus Christ loves her the way she is right now and can help her overcome her temptations. She felt the Holy Spirit very strong and decided to work toward being baptized and starting fresh. It was so cool to feel that God guided us to find her and then guided us to know what to say to help her. Have an awesome week peeps!

Mama and Dad, I love how you guys said ur missionary efforts have increased since I’ve been out. Y’all are stud missionaries! You could keep praying for the same people I sent you before, and for Natalie. U r so awesome! I love you!

bren's miss zapata baptism big man group