April 18, 2016

Hey Peeps! It’s been a great week! We played “Jesus Says” with the primary kids at church. It’s like Simon Says but with Jesus so that was pretty awesome and adorable. Also a while ago Elder Jardine and I wrote a song for our zone and we recorded it so I’ll see if I can send it to you guys.

We’ve been seeing miracles err day! The other day a teenage girl named Elizabeth came with us to visit a family that we have been teaching lately. Elizabeth is a new convert to the church and she had never gone to a lesson with the missionaries before so she was really nervous. We really wanted her to have an awesome experience and feel the joy of sharing her testimony so we prayed like crazy that everything would work out well. We knocked on the family’s door and no one answered. So we tried by another person who lives close by, but they didn’t answer either. Then we went to a third and a fourth house and STILL no one answered the door. We felt really bad cuz we really wanted Elizabeth to see how awesome missionary work is, so we all said a prayer together that we could find someone who needed us. Right after the prayer, someone we had met before that lived really close popped into our minds so we went and knocked her door and she opened! We had an awesome visit with her, and then she referred us to her friend that she felt we could help as well, so we visited her friend and Elizabeth shared her testimony with her. Elizabeth felt really good about it after, and we could tell that experience strengthened her faith. Heavenly Father is such a great guy!

Mark also wrote this to Bren this week:

On Tue, Apr 12, 2016 at 4:08 PM, Mark Eisenhut wrote:
‘How would you like to be me, doing your work and minding your own business, when you are suddenly alarmed by an email report that your son was in an accident.

“An incident has been reported for your organization by Brennen Lemar Eisenhut at meisenhut@calljensen.com email address. Please see the attached summary report for details. If you have questions or would like to be contacted about this incident, please email us at riskincidents@ldschurch.org and reference the incident number. Regards, The Risk Management Claims Response Team”

As I read through the attached “report,” my horror was interrupted by this “detailed description”:

It was a beautiful spring afternoon in Laredo, Texas. The birds were chirping, the Catholics were praying, and the smell of tacos filled the air. It was like any other P-day, or so we thought. We were pulling in to our parking spot at our apartment complex. The right side of our parking space is a painted line, and the left side is a wall. Ever so carefully, we made a slow, sharp right turn into our parking space. When to our horror, the front left corner of our truck scraped against the wall.

You is bad boy!

tu Padre’

Bren responded, ‘Hahahah that’s hilarious!!’

I wrote, ‘It is so dang funny!!!!! U wrote that? It’s so YOU!!!!’

Bren responded, ‘Ya I wrote that. I just cant take those things seriously haha.’