April 25, 2016

Howdy humans! I got transfered!! I’m in Corpus Christie now and it reminds me a lot of California so it’s super weird haha. It’s really pretty and right near the beach and there are people of lots of different races here, not just Latinos! And everyone speaks English and we eat white people food and we’re allowed to stop eating if we’re full… what the heck?! So I love it here. I still feel a little culture shocked cuz I’m so used to the Tex-Mex culture but I’ll get back into the white person life soon haha.

And yesterday was awesome cuz all the missionaries in this mission went to Mcallen yesterday for a meeting with Elder Holland of the quorum of the 12 apostles! Heck ya! He is so great! We all felt the Spirit really strong when he walked into the room. He’s a super powerful teacher, and we could tell he loves us a lot. He spoke really highly of us individually and collectively as a mission. It was great to hear straight from an Apostle that we’re doing a good job! He talked a lot about the importance of depending on the Holy Ghost to guide us. He reminded us that having the Holy Hhost with us is just like Jesus Christ himself being with us all the time, which was a cool way to think about it. He also nearly cried when he talked about some missionaries losing their faith after their missions and he told us that if we ever lose our faith after our mission we better not run into him or we’ll be in trouble!

I love you peeps!