May 2, 2016

Yo! It’s been a great week in good ol’ Corpus Christi. I visited a place called Rockport and did a workout on a pier looking over the beach. It was super cool to see the water. Also we met a lady from Riverside and we have been teaching her a little bit. She’s dope!

We had some young men come out with us to do missionary work and it was super fun. It was awesome to see how much they loved it. They’re gunnu be great missionaries one day! Other news, we have a pet now. I found the same lizard chillin’ in my shoe every morning so I named him lizzy. I found out that one of the past missionaries used to feed him every day so now he just chills in our apartment.

I read the letter. It’s awesome Mama! And Sister Allen told me she talked to you. She’s so cool! I told her she reminds me a lot of you haha. I’ll be praying for you Mama! You got this! I’m hugging you in my mind!

Check out the talk “living the gospel joyful” by Elder Uchtdorf. It’s awesome! I love you mis padres! Well I can’t think of what to talk about this week, but Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are awesome! Bye!