May 16, 2016

Yo! We had meetings in McAllen for 3 days this week, and when we weren’t in meetings I got to work in my old area in Alamo! Last time I was there was a year ago so it was super fun to be back and see the peeps I love there.

One of the things we learned about in the meetings was having a great attitude and never giving up. President Maluenda shared us the story of Nephi in the Book of Mormon. He was commanded by God to get the scriptures (like the bible) from an evil man named Laban who was keeping them for himself. It would be very dangerous because Laban had many guards and could easily have Nephi and his brothers killed. Nephi and his brothers made two attempts to get the scriptures from Laban and failed both times, almost dying in the process. Nephi”s brothers wanted to give up and go home, but Nephi said that he would not go home until they had accomplished what the Lord commanded them to do. So he went to Laban’s house a third time, found Laban passed out drunk, and, by commandment of the Lord, killed him and got the scriptures.

Elder McFall and I had a Nephi-ish experience too! We were super lost and couldn’t find the house we were supposed to visit and our GPS wasn’t working and we didn’t have a phone. So we knocked on a random house to try to borrow a phone and no one answered. Then we asked some people in the street if we could use their phone and their phone was dead. Two fails. Then, when it seemed like all hope was lost, when we thought we might die in the streets of South Texas, out in the distance we saw a lady watering her plants. We said, ‘Now we will be like Nephi! We will be successful the third time!’ We courageously walked up to that woman and said, ‘We command thee to give us your phone!’ JOKE… we didn’t say that but that would be epic. But we used her phone and got directions to the house and lived happily ever after. So never give up people. Even when life gets cray cray, be like Nephi. He’s a pretty cool guy.

Also another day we were lost so we prayed to be guided to the people that needed us and we made a plan to walk down a street and talk to the first person we saw or if we didn’t see anyone we would knock the first door we felt like we should knock. So we started walking down the street and saw no one and then saw a house and felt like we should knock it so we did and met an awesome lady named Roxanne who just before we got there had been meditating and thinking about if God really exists. We had an awesome chat with her and she came to church yesterday! Miracles are the bestest! Woohoo!! Bye.